Back to School Guide

Greetings From Small Middle School

This is your back to school guide for 2019-2020 school year

Mark your Calendar

8/15/19 – Fast Pass to Success – New Student Transition

8/14/19 -| 6-7 pm | Parent Football Meeting Cafeteria

8/15/19 12-3:30 Football equipment distribution

8/16/19 10 – 3:30 Football equipment distribution

8/15/19 PTA\Parent Sponsored Teacher Breakfast 7:45 am (Donate or Volunteer)

8/20/19 First Day of School

8/20/19 Parent Java & Joy\PTA Meeting 8:15 am Cafeteria

8/20/19 | 3:45 | 7th & 8th Grade Football Tryouts

8/20 – 8/23 | 3:45 | 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Tryouts

8/23 – | 3:45 | 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Tryouts

9/2/19 No School, Labor Day

9/3/19 Back To School Night

9/18/19 Fall Pictures (A Day Social Studies)

9/19/19 Fall Pictures (B Day Social Studies)

5 thoughts on “Back to School Guide

  1. What’s the answer to the question, “Where do I drop off/pick up my student?” Where there’s supposed to be an answer, the line is blank. ( I think the answer is obvious, but I don’t want to assume)

    Also, is CSMS available as a beneficiary of the Amazon Smile program?

    Thank You.

    1. Ha! I remember starting that and not sure what to say, so I meant to go back to it. Yes, it is pretty straightforward. the key things are… pulling all the way forward, do not block the crosswalk and do not go around cars waiting in line. It does get a little wild out there, but after a week or two things will mellow out. Here is a paragraph from the Parent Camp: Bus drop-off/pick-up on southside of school by gymnasium. Do not enter this area during arrival and dismissal. If you do, plan on staying for a while 🙂
      Parent drop-off/pick-up in front of school by cafeteria. Please pull all the way up in the pickup lanes.

      1. Yes, to your second question. Shop Amazon and a portion of your purchase will go to Small PTA! Look for PTA Texas Congress 645 Clint Small Jr Middle School to set it up.

  2. Thank you CSMS for such a great tool!! You answered all of my current questions, and gave me a reference point for any other questions that come up!

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