Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

Counselor's Corner

Small Middle School Counseling Mission and Vision

At Small Middle School, our goal is to support students and assist them in overcoming barriers that may hinder learning.  Through SEL (social emotional learning), individual and group counseling, our program is dedicated to equip our students with the skills necessary to become autonomous individuals.  All stakeholders (counselors, students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members) will work collaboratively in creating an experience that helps bridge each child's transition from elementary and into high school and foster's the student's academic, wellness, and personal goals.  Together, we will assist students in making quality decisions and planning ahead for a brighter future. 



Through PRIDE class our Social Emotional Learning lessons include the following topics:
  1. Empathy & Perspective Taking
  2. Human Dignity
  3. Emotional Management
  4. Action Steps for Problem Solving & Goal Setting
  5. Communication & Diversity
  6. Celebrate & Plan for the Future


Counseling Staff


Sarah Krier

6th Grade Counselor 



Carmen Castañeda                                                                                                                         

7th Grade Counselor                                                                                                          



Cynthia Diaz

8th Grade/Lead Counselor



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