Cougar News 9/17/18 – 9/21/18

What is happening at Small Middle School

Week of September 10, 2018 – September 14, 2018

Upcoming Events

  • 8/18/18 B Team Football Vs Bailey
  • 9/19/18 A Football Team Vs Bailey
  • 9/19/18 C Team Volleball VS Gorzycki
  • 9/20/18 Volleyball vs O’Henry
  • 9/21/18 Principal Coffee 8:30 am 
  • 9/27/18 Counselor Talk – 9 AM – Social Media
  • 9/27/18 Austin Pizza Garden Spirit Night 
  • 10/16/18 Picture Retake Day

See all upcoming calendar events here



Letter from Principal Nelson

Smallville Nation-
We had about 20 parents on hand for our first Learning Walk of the year and all in attendance were treated to something special; a snapshot of what their kids are doing in class. It was disheartening to hear from all that this was their first ever Learning Walk and we will certainly see what we can do here in Smallville to make up for their first 6 years with AISD. Here at Small we aim to be as transparent as possible and have no problem opening our doors up to the community and beyond because we absolutely love sharing all the good stuff we do each and every day.
After the walk during our debriefing time, guests could not help but point out how well behaved and polite our students were throughout and how engaged they were. They also got to see how amazing our teachers are and got to see a myriad of systems and procedures in place which maximize student performance. While we like to take some of the credit for the behavior of our kids, most of the kudos should go to you and the respect and discipline you have instilled in them during their formative years and at home. Respect for adults and the classroom environment is not something a student typically picks up in 3 weeks, nor is it innate; it’s a trait that has been taught to them by involved family members and educators throughout their lives. We thank you for making our jobs so much easier and more fulfilling by instilling a sense of respect and appreciation for education to your students.
Nelson’s Big Plans: As some of you might have heard from one of the grapevines adorning our campus, I will be off campus beginning September 25th until January on paternity leave. My family will be welcoming the gift of a new baby girl and I will be spending my days (and sleepless nights apparently) ensuring she and her mother receive the best care imaginable. What will happen when I’m gone? Who will lead this assembled group of educators, leaders, and students? When can we expect more Nelson shenanigans and tomfoolery? The answer to the above questions are as follows:
  1. There should be very little disruption or change to the culture or vibe of the school as we have the best staff in all of AISD coupled with the best students. The “feel good” vibe that permeates through our halls and classes is created by the community and one member of said community cannot change it.
  2. The admin team is top-notch and ready for the challenge. When it comes to administration, the principal is the most expendable of the group. Often times I’m at meetings off campus for days on end (seems like weeks on end) and the business of running the school is in the hands of our APs. They are the ones that truly run the school and we certainly notice when they are off campus for even a few seconds. They’re excited about the opportunity for more responsibility and for the ability to get more work done, as they won’t have me interrupting their day wanting to talk all the time.
  3. As for when I will be back, I will definitely be on campus the week of November 5th through the 16th as we have to get ready for our 3rd Annual Fun Run. This year, more than ever, we need to raise as much money as possible to support our staff, programming, and kids. I’ll also be present at many concerts and happenings on and off campus and try to meet with staff and students as much as possible. I’ll be unplugged during this time (save for these newsletters which you will still receive) and no set agenda for visits, but will try to be up here as much as I can without getting in the way.
It’s a bittersweet symphony as I am excited about spending time with family, but am going to miss the daily interactions with our seemingly never-ending supply of 11-14 year old students. I firmly believe The Fountain of Youth can be found in the halls of middle schools across the land, as I’ve found the best way to feel young and maintain a positive outlook on life is to surround oneself with eager, optimistic kids who have a world of possibilities in front of them. They keep us grounded and remind us what it was once like to see with eyes untainted by adult responsibilities and knowledge.
Thank you again for choosing to be a part of the Smallville community and for the smoothest first 4 weeks in the history of middle schools. If you need anything, do not hesitate to email. If I can’t answer your question, I hope to be able to point you in the right direction.
Matthew Nelson

Small Middle School
(512) 841-6505



Bus Finder? 

Teacher Email addresses?


Blend Tutorials?


Click here for all the answers to your parent cloud questions. 

Free Books for Teachers

of your receipt(s) with qualifying purchases. Log in to Kellogg’s Family Rewards®and upload your receipt. Each receipt must be submitted separately and within 30 days of purchase.

credit to redeem for a book of your choice to keep or donate. Credits must be redeemed by 12/18/18. Limit of 10 books per participant.


Lasa Visits Small Middle School


Representatives from LASA will be at Small on October 4, 2018 from 1:30 – 2:06.  Current 8th grade students can sign up at the link below.





Last Week's Football Scores

Football Scores vs Paredes

7A – W 30 -0

7B – T 6 – 6

8A – L 6 – 30

8B – L 0 – 24

CSMS Family in need

We just found out that one of our 7th grade families lost everything in a house fire last Monday. We don’t have many details, but will start collecting gift cards to help them in their time of need.

They are still trying to process, but it sounds like they will need to replace everything.
Gift cards to anywhere would be much appreciated.  

If you want to donate to help Marcello and his family, feel free to drop off a card in the
Main Office or the Counseling Office and we will make sure to get it to his family.

Or you can donate to a gofundme page in their honor. 


Turn in those summer Box Tops you collected!  Students can drop them off in the front office or the library.  All Box Tops will benefit the Small Middle School Library.

Enrichment Fee

Please pay your students enrichment fee as soon as your can, our teachers are waiting for those funds to purchase curriculum and other items to enhance the educational experience for all our kids.
Please read the enrichment letter for your students grade level below. 


CSMS... The more you know

There is so much going on here at Small Middle School, we will try to give you tips and tricks about our school in this section each week!

Sprinklers in the rain?


It’s raining, why in the world would Small have their sprinklers on? 

If you have ever driven past Small on a rainy day, you may have asked yourself that question. We frequently get phone calls letting us know that the sprinklers are on. Especially during big rains. 

Did you know…

The big retention pond in the front of the school collects the rain water and the when the water is at certain level the sprinklers kick on to distribute the water out of the pond. 

So, When you see sprinklers in the rain, know they are doing their job! 


Where’s the bus app

Find your bus on a map
using your Cell phone

Tired of guessing where the buses are? Where’s The Bus can show you the locations of buses on a map.

It works in real time, and anywhere in the world! Don’t ever miss your bus again!


Try it for yourself. Visit the Apple Store or google play store and search where’s the bus.

After School Clubs - More Clubs Added!

Chef's ClubMs. KrierMondayLearn how to cook from one of our students here at Small and then eat what you cook. There is a $10 supply fee. Please see Ms. Krier to sign up.
8th Grade Baking ClubMs. KrierWednesdayThis group bakes a variety of dishes throughout the school year. Space is limited so you must sign up through Ms. Krier.
Dungeons & Dragons ClubMr. JeansonneWednesday 3:45-5:30 Room 110Students participate in a fantasy role-playing game set in an imaginary world based loosely on medieval myth.
Warrior Cat ClubMs. BrownWednesday 3:45-4:30 Room: 210Continuation of last years 6th grade club
Oztag Flag Rugby ClubJoe MooreThursday 3:45 - 4:30
Starts in April
Learn and play non contact Flag Ruby - We will Start in November (after football season)
Student CouncilTeelThursday 3:45 - 4:45 ish Room: 207Student Council is rooted in campus leadership and community service.
Texas Youth & Government (YMCA affiliated)Bright & SilerMonday 3:45 - 4:30Civics engagement program to teach the fundamentals of democracy
Philosophy clubMs. CrowTuesday 3:40 - 4:30 Room 305We discuss all things philosophy! Each club we do a round table discussion of philosophical questions and read about philosophers.
Gay Straight AllianceMs. Renault-VarianThursday - 3:40-4:30 Room 301
Animal ClubMr. BrooksMonday - 3:40 Room 213Hang out with the sheep, goats, chicken and ducks
7th grade baking clubMs.Diaz2nd and 4th Thursday of the month - 3:40We meet in front of the counseling office.
Harry Potter ClubMr. MullenTuesdays - 3:40 - 4:25 Room 100 Starts 10/22/19

Spring Break in Greece

Want to visit the ancient oracle at Delphi?  The parthenon?  The theatre at Nafplia? Join us for an informational meeting on 

Wednesday,   Sept 19
CSMS Library
6:00 pm

  1. Learn more about our academies at:

  2. Support the Austin High Vertical Team Community Night: September 28, 2018 at House Park 6:00 p.m. Food Truck; 7:10 VT Night Field Prep; 7:30 p.m. Kick Off

    Schedule a school tour at:

  3. Attend a principal coffee: November 15, 2018 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. in Cafe Austin to learn more about the new academies at Austin High

  4. Attend Maroon & White Night Showcase: November 29, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. starting in the Austin High PAC to learn more about what is means to be “Loyal Forever.” Explore your future and learn why.

Dance on the field with the
Austin High School Red Jackets!

Game is November 2nd


Register by October 19th to guarantee your spot!
Participants receive DINNER, a RED JACKET shirt, pompoms,
admission to the football game, and fun experience of learning
and performing a dance on the field! They will also join the RED
JACKETS in the Victory Line-up and sit and cheer with the RED
JACKETS during the first quarter of the football game.

Open to grades K-8. Cost is $50.

Click here for Registration information

Patriot's Pen

Each year more than 132,000 students in grades 6-8 enter the VFW’s Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. The national first-place winner wins $5,000 and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. The first-place winner from each state competes for national awards totaling $55,000, with each first-place state winner receiving a minimum of $500 at the national level. 

The essay contest encourages young minds to examine America’s history, along with their own experiences in modern American society, by drafting a 300- to 400-word essay, expressing their views based on a patriotic theme chosen by the VFW Commander-in-Chief.

The 2018-19 theme is: Why I Honor the American Flag ~ Click here to learn more.

Foreign Exchange Student

Hi there, have you ever thought about hosting a high school foreign exchange student?? A local exchange student coordinator, Brittany Root, is still looking for a placement for one last student. Host families come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; families with young kids, families with teenagers, empty nesters, and even families with no kids.
An-Ting, from Taiwan, is looking forward to strengthening her English during her exchange year and hopes to go on her first camping trip with her host family. She is already attending Austin High School, but can change schools if needed.
If you, or anyone you know (they do pay $200 for successful referrals), may be interested in hosting An-Ting please email her at…and make sure you let her know Small Middle School PTA sent you!



Now Offered at Small Middle School!

Come See the Small Orchestra at the Monster Concert!

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  1. Why are the boys football scores published in the newsletter, but the girls volleyball scores left out? I brought this up at the end of last school year when the results of the sports banquet were published in the newsletter for the boys but the girls were left off.

    1. Hi Brian, I only put what the coaches give me. The Boys Coach sends me the scores the Girls Coach doesn’t. I will send her an email and ask her to send them to me, Or you can send them to me, but I don’t know them unless they are sent to me and requested to be put in.

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