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What's happening at Small Middle School

Week of February 11, 2019 – February 15, 2019

Residents of Smallville-

Middle School is tough. Very few people you run across have fond memories of this time in their lives and a lot of times when asked how it was the reply is “I survived it.”

It’s no different today. In fact, studies show it’s much harder and that a lot of the issues and angst associated with the 12-14 year old sect is being witnessed in our elementary campuses. The theories as to why this happens are innumerable: social media, video games, a young person’s inability to handle adversity, doting parents, outdated educational practices, puberty etc.. The list goes on and on and on and on. While there’s no clear cut answer as to the “why with this age group, the “what” is much simpler to figure out.

“What” do we want from our kids. We want them to feel safe. We want them feel comfortable in each environment they find themselves in. We want them to be able to problem solve and learn how to make decisions. We want them to learn how to handle any obstacles life puts in their way. We want them to develop a sense of grit and the knowledge that they can make it through anything if they use their tools and the people around them. We want for them to love learning and to know that what is being taught is temporary but that how they learn is permanent. We want them to ask questions, seek advice, and to strive to know the “why” behind the “what” in their classrooms. We want them to embrace and respect diversity and learn that working together trumps working alone every time. We want them to develop a work ethic and for them to actually see that the harder they work, the more successes will follow. We want them to be better humans each and every day because once they depart the comforting campus which we call Smallville, they will be asked to continue to navigate through their teens and young adulthood with a little less support. You guys will still be there and will continue to push them towards their own version of excellence and we envy your ability to continue the journey.

Have a safe, albeit cold weekend with your student and make sure to spend some time letting them know that being unplugged and present is a precious gift and should be shared with family and friends often.

Remember next Friday 2/15 and Monday 2/18 the students get to stay home!

Matthew Nelson
Small Middle School
(512) 841-6505

6th Grade Choice Sheet

Click here to download your
6th Grade Choice Sheet.

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7th Grade Choice Sheets

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7th grade Choice sheet

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8th Grade Choice Sheet

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8th Grade Choice Sheet

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Note from the Counselors:

Click here for the Course Descriptions 

 Every student should have a choice sheet now. If not you can download from the links above.

Computer Science (YR) & Computer Science (SM) have now changed to PLTW Computer Science for Innovators & Makers (YR) and PLTW APP Creators (SM)
Green Building has now changed to Manufacturing & Construction


Social Emotional Learning

This week students will learn about qualities that make someone a good friend.  Students will discuss finding a balance between having friends of our choosing, but also not excluding others. 
 Black History Month Questions of the Week:
Monday: I was considered the fastest woman in the world in the 1960s and competed in two Olympic Games in 1956 and 1960. I became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field.  Who am I?
Answer: Wilma Rudolph
Wednesday: I was a poet who became a central figure in the Harlem Renaissance. My poems tell about African Americans and often contain jazz rhythms and dialect. Who am I?
Answer: Langston Hughes
Thursday: We were a group of African American military pilots who fought in World War II. Our group included navigators, bombardiers, mechanics, instructors, crew chiefs, nurses, cooks and other support personnel for the pilots. Who were we?
Answer: Tuskegee Airmen

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Please join us for a parent overview of Blend.  BLEND, Austin ISD’s new digital learning space, was created to provide parents and guardians with the information necessary to support their child’s use of BLEND. Come join us for a short orientation that will help you understand the mechanics of BLEND and give you a better understanding of your child’s expectations at school. 

This class will be taught by 7th grade science teacher, Laura Rice.  Ms. Rice is the Campus innovation Coach has been using BLEND for over 2 years. 

March 6th from 8:15 – 9:30 – Room 206

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Thank you to those of you that have filled out the Parent survey so far. 

If you have not, please take a few minutes

AISD would like to get a solid idea of how our families feel about our school. They use this information for the  strategic plan scorecard. 

Please take a moment to tell AISD your thoughts about Small Middle School. 

Basketball Scores

Boys Basketball Scores vs Murchison


7A 47 – Murchison 43 – OT

7B 21 – Murchison 22


8A 25 – Murchison 57

8B 33 – Murchison 37








Sustainable Living in Germany & Switzerland Trip - June 2020

Travel to Germany and Switzerland to learn how they are leaders in Sustainable Living. 

Informational Meeting Tuesday February 19th 6pm in Mrs. Dietz’s room (202)

This trip is planned for June 2020

To learn more about this international STEM trip opportunity, click the link here!

Recycling. Clean energy. Cars of the future. Germany and Switzerland
have been at the forefront of some of the world’s most forward-thinking
approaches to technology and energy. And it’s easy to see why—these
countries are a perfect blend of European charm and start-up culture.
Learn about Germany and Switzerland’s innovative sustainability efforts
by seeing state-of-the-art models of renewable energy, urban farming,
and eco-tourism. Be a part of the creative conversation firsthand as you
embark on an urban quest in the green city of Freiburg, hike through an
Alpine glacier, and discover a vast underground city in a nuclear bunker
in Lucerne.

For more information, please join us in room 202 for a
parent meeting regarding this trip. 


Can't make it in June?
Maybe try Spring Break...

Students will have two opportunities to learn about Sustainable Living in German and Switzerland. The trips differ slightly, but the experience is beyond compare.


Information meeting for the Spring Break 2020 trip will be

Thursday, February 28th at 6 pm in the CSMS Library. 

Please join us to learn more about this amazing opportunity.


Learn how the Alps were formed and see the effects of glaciation on the geography of the Alpine lands and the opportunities this has given in travel, leisure and, tourism. Learn about green technology and environmental advances by visiting Vauban – an innovative town that is a model of sustainability. You will also learn about the research, technology and production process involved in the modern automobile industry. Enjoy a bike tour that combines cultural highlights with an eco-tutorial on the regeneration of natural spaces along the Isar River and a guided tour of a Swiss hydroelectric power station. Spend the afternoon visiting the riveting Deutsches Museum, home to 28,000 exhibit items spanning 50 different fields of sciences and technology and filled with hands-on activities. Join us for all of this and so much more as we explore Lucerne, Freiburg, and Munich.



2018-2019 NJHS Important Dates

  • March 8, 2019
    Information meeting during PRIDE in front of the Counselor’s Office
  • March 11, 2019
    Pick up applications from the Counselor’s Office
  • March 15, 2019
    Last day to pick up an application from the Counselor’s Office
  • April 18, 2019
    Final day to turn in applications (no exceptions)
  • Week of May 6, 2019
    Letters go out to students who are accepted into NJHS
  • May 21st
    Induction into NJHS 6pm in the cafeteria

NJHS Candidate Community Service Hour log

Candidates should record a minimum of 10 hours between March 11th – April 14th.



We are very excited to provide you with this easy link to buy this year’s yearbook.

Last year it sold out, so be sure to act now.

This yearbook will be a super colorful hard cover keepsake of all your child’s happy memories of the school year.

Prices go up after the winter break. 

STEM Summer Camp for Girls – Tuition Free 

Click here for more details


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