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Week of April 8, 2019 – April 12, 2019

Cougar Nation-


Next week our campus will be closed, so to speak, as we begin the first round of STAAR tests for the 2018-2019 school year.  On Tuesday, April 9th, our 8th grade scholars will be taking the 8th grade Math exam while our 7th grade students are taking the Writing test.  On Wednesday, April 10th, 8th grade students will be taking the Reading exam while our advanced 7th grade math students will be taking the 8th grade STAAR Math test.  Thursday is dedicated to makeups for students who miss either day.  We ask that you please have your student here on campus for their designated testing days so our campus can get back to normal as quickly as possible.  A school has a vibrant, boisterous atmosphere where kids and adults can move about freely and celebrate one another’s accomplishments, except on state-mandated testing days.  The quicker we can get back to the business of having fun, the better off we’ll all be.


As for the tests and preparing your student for them, all we can do at this point is make sure they get a good night’s sleep the night before, have a healthy breakfast prior, and stress to them that this is a test, merely a test, and the longstanding repercussions are minimal.  Never once in any of the professional interviews I have participated in, as either interviewer or interviewee, has middle school standardized testing scores came up. Colleges don’t look at them and every job that a teenager will one day work at could care less about them.  Driver’s licenses are given without consulting the scores and not once on The Voice has Adam Levine asked the contestant how he or she did on the math STAAR.


The point is this: we believe our kids will do well because our teachers present the TEKS in a fun, engaging manner that challenges them. When our teachers do that, and create buy in, the scores take care of themselves.


There will be different times for lunches next week, so please refer to the attached schedule to see when your student is eating if you want to bring h/her lunch.  Sorry that you can’t stick around and break bread with ‘em, but tis’ the season of STAAR.  Also, be advised that smart phones and smart watches (hello future) will be turned in to the teacher on these days and given back after everybody finishes the tests. In this day and age when a watch or phone can pick up any question spoken without cue words, it’s a necessary caution we take.  If your student has a problem with this, we advise them to keep their devices at home.


Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Matthew Nelson
Small Middle School
(512) 841-6505

Want to Chaperone or donate an item? Click here for more information and to sign up. 

The current focus in the planning process is for Raffle Items, Silent Auction Items and Sponsorship’s.

At Splashfest, when the kids play games, they win food coupons and\or raffle tickets. At splashfest, they can enter those tickets to win big prizes. Our Raffle Committee has a few items already, but we need more and have put together an
Amazon Wish List

If you would like to help out by purchasing an item from our wishlist, that would be an easy way to help us underwrite the costs and we would be so very thankful. There are some big ticket items as well as some cheap stuff so we can make gift baskets for the kids to win. 

Please ship to 4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd. Austin TX 78749 Attn: Jennifer Newell

If you would rather be a sponsor or donate to our silent auction, see below.

Save the Date!

When: May 10th 3:45 – 7:30 PM

What: End of year celebration and fundraiser

Why?  To have a great party and to bring in some much needed funds to help start off next year.

How do you Support? Become a Sponsor, Donate a Silent Auction or Raffle Item, Buy Wristbands and come to the event, Volunteer, Shop the Silent Auction.

Go to for all the details

Parents right now what we are really looking for are…

  • Sponsorship’s – To underwrite the cost of this event
  • Silent Auction Donations – So parents can get a good deal and we can advertise your business
  • Raffle Items – the kids win raffle tickets when they play the games. We would love some Kid centered prizes that we can raffle off to them. 
That will get us started, we will fill you in on more info as we get closer to the event.. Please check out our Splashfest website and\or contact with any questions, comments or ideas

CSMS Teacher Spotlighted on Travel Blog

Did you know your student could travel the world? Small School, Big World co-sponsor Christie Manners has been taking kids\families overseas for the last 2 years. In fact, she she just returned from a Olympian Tour with 8 kids and 5 parents. She was recently interviewed and is featured on the ACIS Travel site. 

Click here to read about CSMS Students and their adventures overseas.

The next trip for Small School, Big World will be Spring Break 2020 to Germany and Switzerland. For more information please email or


Girls Track Results from April 4th

4X100 Relay: Skylar, Kemah, Alexa, Sofie 55.32 Peyton, Lauren Charlotte, Makenna 53.78

4X200: Skylar Kemah Alexa Sofie 1.59 Peyton, Lauren Charlotte Makenna1.55

4X400: Bea Skylar Kemah Sofie 4.50 Peyton Lauren Charlotte Makenna 4.43

1600 run: Ramona 6.43 Lola 7.10 Ella 6.52

100 Hurdles: Kaela 19.84 Cilla 19.19 Giada 19.7 Hannah 20.4 Sadie 19.75 Ellina 18.44 Olivia 19.91 Anya 21.91

800 run: Giada 2.55 Ava K 2.57 Amaya 3.05 Abby 2.53 Ella L 3.12

100 dash: Saniya 13.48 Ava T 13.47 Simone 14.31 Sadie 13.94 Sally 14.75 Hannah S 13.56

400 dash: Bea 1.11 Tess 1.20 Ramona 1.16 Amaya 1.16 Kelly 1.15 Hannah 1.06 Abby 1.14

200 dash: Sanaiya 29.90 Ava T 30.91 Ava K 31.72 Simone 32.19 Jayna 29.48 Sage 31.81 Sally 30.14 Kylie 32.06

High Jump: Summer 4’3 Peyton4’4 Lauren 4’10

Long Jump: Summer 13’5 Ali 12’11 Bea 12’2 Makenna 14’7 Brenin 13’1 Ella 12’1 Lauren 14.5 Kylie 13’7

Triple Jump: Summer 25’6 Bea 26’ Ali 27’5 Peyton 29’3 Hannah S. 30’1 Vivian 28’3

Shot Put: Haiden 33.3 Kaia 20.1 Lillian 24.3 Katelyn 22 Joselyn 24.9 Seslee 23.1 Jordan 22 Sarai 21.3

Discus: Haiden 60.2 Adelina 38.2 Bella 38.10 Greta 42.10 Abby 67.8 Sami 45.0 Seslee 62.6 Ireland 55

Girls Track Results from March 28th

DISCUS: 1st place Haiden A. 51’5, Summer R. 43’9, Bella M.41’6, Greta S. 40’1, Adelina 38’10

1st place Abby 54’8, Sami S. 54’10, Seslee S. 54’8, Ireland G. 54’9, Lana 48’

TRIPLE JUMP: 8th Hannah S. 30’1/2 1st place, Vivian C. 25’9

Shot Put: 1st place Haiden A. 28’7, Lillian S. 25’4, Kaitlynn 21’6, Marley A. 18’6, Kaia H. 20’3 Joslynn G. 24’9, Sarai L. 22’5, Seslee S. 23’6, AnnaMaria P. 21’3

Long Jump: 1st place Summer R. 13’2, Bea 12’5, Aberdine M. 12’6, Ali R. 12’6

1st place Makenna G. 14’10, Ella L 12’8, Sage B 12’2, Kylie 13’4, Kelly 12’3, Brenin S. 12’10

High Jump: 1st place Summer R. 4’2, Peyton W. 4’8, Lauren P. 4’8

4 X 100 Relay: 1st place Skylar, Kemah, Alexa, Sofie S. 57.26 Peyton W. Lauren P. Charlotte S. Makenna G. 54.67

4 X 200 Relay: 1st place Ava K. Kemah, Alexa N. Sofie S. 2:02Peyton W. Lauren P Charlotte S Makenna G 1:56

4 X 400 Relay: 1st place Ava K Kemah Alexa N. Sofie S. 5:08 Peyton W Lauren P Charlotte S Makenna G. 4:44

1600 run: 1st place Bea 6:09, Ella L 6:46 Lola S 6:46

100 Hurdles: 1st place Kaela B 19.4 Cilla S 20.70 Giada M 20.7 Hannah M 21.49 1st place Sadie H 18.94 Ellina B 18.96 Olivia 19.85 Anya 20.88

800 run: 1st place Bea 2:55 Giada M 3:04 Abby H 2.49

100 dash: 1st place Ava T 14.34 Saniya C 14.69 Simone S 14.9 Brinkley H 15.08 Ava K 15.56 Sally B 14.65 Ireland G 14.77 Sadie H 13.31 Hannah S 14.33

400 dash: 1st place Bea 1.15 Tess 1.20 Kelly M 1.17 Hannah S 1.10

200 dash: 1st place Brinkley H 30.50 Saniya C 30.50 Sklyar 30.80 Simone S 31.36 Cilla S 33.98 Lillian 35.41 Shannon 33.73 Haiden A 33.65 Ella E 35.2 Ramona G 33.2 Katie 37.43 Audrey 35.22 Olivia 32.19 Tess A 34.4 Sally B 30.94 Sage B 31.78 Jayna 29.71 Kylie 31.95 Anna Maria 32.36 Lola 32.72

300 Hurdles: Karin 1.04 Hannah 1.05 Ofelia 1.01 Ellina 1.02 Anya 1.07 Aubrey 1.08

7th Grade Boys Track and Field
Results vs Lamar and Paredes

100 M Sprint – 3rd Place – Aidan L. 12.52, 4th Place Albert D. 12.7, Bralin T. 13.48, Isaac S.13.66, Elias P. 13.85, Marcello 14.06, Levi R. 14.07, Alex P. 14.21, Cliff J. 14.51, Cimm H. 14.56

110 Hurdles – 2nd Place – Isaac H. 21.88, 5th Place – Moses O. 23.3

200 M Sprint – 1st Place – Albert D. 26.37, T2nd –Joaquin W. 26.72, 6th Place – Isaac S. 28.44, Bralin T. 29.35, Levi R. 29.78

400 M Dash – 1st Place – Moses O. 1:01.72, 2nd Place – Elias P. 1:05.38, 4th Place – Colton E. 1:07.35, Robert B. 1:13.56, Gabriel W. 1:14.59

800 M Run – 2nd Place – Iain M. 2:34, T3rd Place – Isaac H. 2:36, Ryan C. 2:40, Matthew W. 3:02

1600 M Run – T1st – Jake M. 5.49, Ian U. 7.11, Leo B. 7.29

400 Relay – 1st Place – 51.16 – Wyatt E., William K.W., Joaquin W., Zach R.

800 Relay -2nd Place – 1:47.25 – Wyatt E. William K.W., Aidan L., Zach R.

1600 Relay – 1st Place – 4:13.52 – Wyatt E. William K.W., Aidan L., Zach R.

Discus – 2nd Place – Brallin T. 82.4, 3rd Place – Joel H. 74.7, 4th Place – Alex P. 71.9, 5th Place – Eric G. 70.9, Jack U. 66.5

Shot Put – 2nd Place – Aidan L. 31.4, 5th Place – Alex P. 25.11, 6th Place – Bralin T. 23.1, Yadian C. 22.8

8th Grade Boys Track and Field Results vs Lamar and Paredes

100 M Sprint – 1st Place – Chad M. 12.25, 4th Place – James S. 12.45, 5th Place – Diego N. 12.76, Eli O. 12.8, Jude W. 13.03, Dolan H. 13.70, Marcello 13.82, Liam M. 14.47, Brooks B. 20.62

110 Hurdles – 1st Place –Jude G. 21.35, 2nd Place – Rowan K. 21.43, 3rd Place – Caden P. 21.9, Caleb G. 25.0

200 M Sprint – 5th Place – Chad M. 26.47, 6th Place – James S. 26.72, Diego N. 27.98, Dolan H. 28.84, Gavin N. 33.2

400 M Sprint – 1st Place – Ethan D. 58.18, 4th Place – Kaleb T. 1:01.56, Diego R. 1:08

800 Run – Johannes B. 2:23, 2nd Place – Jakob B. 2:24, 6th Place – Jared R.P. 2:33, Jeron T. 2:36, Ryan K. 2:47

1600 M Run – 1st Place – Ben W. 5.23, 5th Place Ryan K. 6.23, Donovan D. 6.48

400 Relay – 1st Place – 49.15 – Will T., James S., Wayne G., Isaac S.

800 Relay – 1st Place – 1:40.80 – Will T., Chris H., Wayne G., Isaac S.

1600 Relay – 1st Place – 3:51.76 – Will T, Chris H., Wayne G., Isaac S.

Discus – 3rd Place – Jake O. 81.11, 5th Place – Ryan M. 77.10, Jacob G. 68.11, Sergio O. 60.0, Liam M. 54.6

Shot Put – 2nd Place – John B. 33.6, T3rd Place – Jesus M. T. 30.11, T3rd Place –Yonaton C. 30.11, 5th Place – Austin A. 30.9, 6th Place – Ryan M. 30.1

Long Jump – 2nd Place – Chad M. 16.9 ½, 3rd Place Kaleb T. 16.7

Triple Jump – 1st Place – Shawn W. 33.6, 2nd Place – Rowan K. 30.7 ½

Online registration for the 2019-20 school year is open! Every year parents need to register their student(s) for the following school year. Please visit your PARENT CLOUD, click the “registration” tile to complete registration for the 2019-20 school year.

  • Please check to make sure your contact information is up to date (any address changes will need to be made at the school)
  • Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date

If you are having trouble accessing your Parent Cloud please contact Diane Ewing 512-841-6710 OR contact Parent Technology Support at 512-414-9187


Social Emotional Learning

This week in SEL our students will engage in a community building circle regarding favorite movies and favorite meals. The hope is that our students are provided a time to lower stress through community building. Our schedule this week is a little different due to 8th grade STAAR testing. Students will not have PRIDE class on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Our teachers will aim to deliver our SEL lesson on Thursday. 


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Small Cougars participated in this past weekend’s NICA (national interscholastic cycling association) mountain bike race; and a notable results are below.  They practice 4-6 days/week with the Bowie mountain bike team athletes and coaches.  This weekend’s race was in Warda, TX.  The terrain was fast and rolling with some BMX jumps and rollercoaster-like terrain as well.  

In the 8th grade race:
Ethan Doucette got 2nd

In the 7th grade race:
Beckett Sharp got 4th

As a result of their hard work, with the rest of the South Austin Bulldog composite team, the team captured 2nd place overall again for this race.  Teams from all over Texas come to compete in these races.

If you have any questions about the team, please contact me, Gretchen Doucette at 512-656-9301.

Great Thinkers

Let the fun and games continue!

We will meet in Room 204
March 7
March 14
April 4
April 11
April 25 

Our last meeting will be the Field Trip, May 2.  Look for an email regarding this event soon!

May 10 will be the carnival.  All participants in Great Thinkers need to have at least 1 adult from their family commit to one hour of working our carnival booth!   Questions?  email

2018-2019 NJHS Important Dates

  • March 8, 2019
    Information meeting during PRIDE in front of the Counselor’s Office
  • March 11, 2019
    Pick up applications from the Counselor’s Office
  • March 15, 2019
    Last day to pick up an application from the Counselor’s Office
  • April 18, 2019
    Final day to turn in applications (no exceptions)
  • Week of May 6, 2019
    Letters go out to students who are accepted into NJHS
  • May 21st
    Induction into NJHS 6pm in the cafeteria

NJHS Candidate Community Service Hour log

Candidates should record a minimum of 10 hours between March 11th – April 14th.


Cougar Transition Camp

Registration is currently being accepted for incoming 5th graders to Join us at our Cougar Camp. This camp is designed to help our future Cougars get comforable with Small Middle School. 

If your child would like to Join, Click here for more details and Registration

Bowie Freshman Soccer Camp

Monday – Thursday
June 3 – June 6

Incoming 7 th /8th grade Boys
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. $100.00

Incoming 9 th grade Boys
7:30 – 9:30 p.m. $100.00

To introduce campers to the Bowie Soccer Program and develop individual skills and fundamentals of soccer.

Due to construction at Bowie, Soccer Camp will be held at Austin Sports Academy

Located at 275 Lotus Circle, Austin, TX 78737

Click here for more details and sign up

Bowie Freshman Football Camp

Due to construction at Bowie, the camp will be held at the Tony Burger Stadium/Annex


Please drop off at the Tony Burger Annex on Jones Road


July 24-26

10:30am- 12:30pm

$100.00 Per Camper


All campers must bring or send a copy of a current physical exam to Coach Ables in order to participate.

Click here for more details and to Sign up

Austin High School

Summer Weight & Speed Camp

For All Sports

Session 1:  June 10-June 27 Session 2:  July 8-25x


When:                Monday–Thursday  7-9am (HS Athletes), 9-11am (MS Athletes/Incoming Freshman)

Cost:                     $60 per 3 week session (non-refundable). Checks payable to Austin High School Football.

Location:           Austin High School Weight Room and practice fields.

Click here for all the details and to sign up


Austin High Summer Basketball Camp

Registration link: 

Two ways to pay:
  • search for “Austin High Summer Basketball Camp”, OR
  • Check payable to Austin High School & mail to:  Austin High School, 1715 W Cesar Chavez; Austin, Texas 78703 :: C/0 Brad Ingram
The Austin High Basketball Camp will focus on teaching the fundamentals of basketball and will provide campers the opportunity to improve and have fun with the game.  Each camper will receive individual as well as group instruction from professional coaches. Coach Brad Ingram, head basketball coach at Austin High, will be the Camp Director. All equipment will be provided.  A concession stand will be available for snacks during breaks

Welcome to Austin Sunshine Camps!

Since 1928, ASC has been providing life changing camp experiences at no cost to low-income youth and their families. We believe the
campers we serve are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Through healthy relationships and a sense of
belonging in our safe and caring learning environment, campers achieve success they never thought possible.

Click here for the details and Application


We are very excited to provide you with this easy link to buy this year’s yearbook.

Last year it sold out, so be sure to act now.

This yearbook will be a super colorful hard cover keepsake of all your child’s happy memories of the school year.

Prices go up after the winter break. 

STEM Summer Camp for Girls – Tuition Free 

Click here for more details


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