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What's happening at Small Middle School

Last Week of School!

Residents of Smallville-

What a year it has been! We’ve had way more ups than downs and are now tasking the joy of watching over your middle school student to you and yours. For the next 2 and a half months make sure they read as often as possible, unplug more than they plug in, and speak to them daily about how their day is going and share how your day is going as well. Spend as much time as possible growing and learning together and allow them to sleep later–but go to bed at the same time– and encourage them to connect with their friends in the real world versus one tethered by technology. Once August rolls on in–it will appear in the blink of an eye–start working with them on getting back on the school schedule.

What a gift the summer is and what a gift to be able to spend it with your ever-changing middle school student. In fact, their constant ability to continually change is the main reason why we love working with them so much; we know that as bad as anything is today, they’ll grow out of it…with help from home and school. Some sooner than others, but everyone reaches the status of young-adult eventually, and our job is to keep them motivated and positive until that day comes. We’ve seen a lot of growth this year already, both physically and emotionally, and expect to see more in the years to come. Applaud them for these last 9 months and work with them over the break to build upon this year’s successes for the 2019-2020 school year.

Now, a message solely for the parent/guardians of our 8th grade students. Everybody else, please cease and desist from reading the next paragraph and pick it back up on the second one down. So basically, after you read the word “go,” skip a paragraph and then begin reading on the second one. While you’re doing this, 8th grade families will read the one directly below. Got it? Good. Now “Go.”

You did it! You successfully raised a middle school student through the absolute hardest 3 years of anyone’s life. You took a pre-teen who still believed in the tooth fairy and had a Spongebob lunch box and helped turn him or her into a full-fledged teenager who is now ready to conquer high school and beyond! Spongebob lunch box still in tow. Your kid has matured. Your kid is ready. Your kid has not only survived middle school…they thrived in it! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you and your student these last 3 years. Your kids came to Small the same year I did, so I feel way more connected to them than I do to the other 2 grade levels and their families, who are not reading this 🙂 We love them, will miss them, and know they will be successful the rest of the way because of you. Thank you.

Now, we should all be back together on this paragraph. 6th, 7th, and 8th. Are we? Good.

We expect more of the same next year in regards to our community, but are making some pretty unique changes due to the fact we are a Transformation Zone School. With the autonomy from AISD we’ve been craving, we will be allowed to do things our way for our kids that is best for them socially emotionally. We will be following a 9 week grading period calendar next year which will allow for more in depth assessment and project-based learning. It should also decrease our failure rate as kids will have more time to turn things in and retest. We will also be combining the STAAR end of year exams to 2 days versus 4, so we gain two full days of instruction. The other program we will be piloting is CAT Days (Cougar Adventure TIme) which will take place once every 9 weeks. During CAT Days, students will take enrichment courses, or attend clubs, based upon their interest in the morning and then celebrating as an entire campus in the afternoon. Teachers are excited to be able to share their passion with kids and connect with them on a different level, and all agree that these are times for exploration and enrichment, not for remediation or intervention. We hope to add more days in the future, but are content to start small and work out the kinks before we take it next level. Regardless, all the above will help strengthen our Cougar Community by ensuring more inclusivity in our classes and by creating new and fun ways to help kids feel connected.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend and then your 2 and a half month weekend immediately after.

Matthew Nelson
Small Middle School
(512) 841-6505

Splashfest Thank You!

What a Blast! Splashfest was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported our amazing end of year event! Although we did not quite meet our goal! We are very happy with our results. We had more kids than ever come out and we were able to bring in over $28,000!!!! That money will be split up among all of the different clubs and departments that had booths. 

Thanks again!


There are still plenty of spots left for this years STEAM Camp! This camp is at Small Middle school and taught by our Small Middle School Teachers!

To Register and get all the information at

Click the links below for more details

Wonder & Worries in Spanish
Wonders & Worries FAQs

Austin ISD will be providing FREE breakfast and lunch for children and teens ages 18 and younger at over 50 schools this summer. 

FREE Summer Meal Program Details:

  • Meals are FREE to children and teens ages 18 and younger who come to a summer meals site.
  • No application or identification is needed. Children and teens can simply show up.
  • The summer food program is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • Food served is healthy and exceeds federal nutrition guidelines.
  • Summer menus can be viewed on
  • Austin ISD will be closed July 1-5, 2019, meals will not be served at schools during this time. 
  • Location, dates and times subject to change.

 Families are encouraged to use the following tools to find a summer meal site:

Download our mobile app SchoolCafé to access all Food Service needs!

Austin ISD Nutrition & Food Services


2019-2020 Volleyball Announcements



  • 7TH GRADE GIRLS SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL (plan on attending both days)
  • MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL PACKET COMPLETED AND TURNED INTO COACHES. If you do not have a physical you will not be allowed to tryout.
  • Once teams are chosen, Practices will be held in the morning for ALL 7th grade teams (A,B,C) 6:45 a.m.-8:00a.m.
  • All 8th grade teams (A,B,C) will practice in the afternoons 3:45-5:30

Please email Coach Hernandez with any questions.


The Athletic Booster club is an important part of Small’s Athletic program. We have been a successful program because of the support we receive. The Booster club provides for equipment to all programs (the district does not provide for some equipment). The Booster club pays the stipends for our C team coaches. Small provides a C team in: Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cougar Running club.

The Booster club is in need of parents to help run the program.

  • Co-Presidents: help with managing the Facebook page, sending out information to parents from Coaches. Overseeing all the fundraisers for the Booster Club
  • Concession lead: help with purchasing items for the concessions and inventor, organizing the concession stand for the games.
  • Homecoming lead: help with organizing the dance. Which includes finding DJ, chaperones, selling wristbands during all lunches and in the mornings.
  • Faculty Games lead: help with selling wristbands during all lunches and in the mornings.

We need HELP with all of the positions. Please contact Coach Hernandez to sign up for a position

Attention: Student's Taking Advanced Math Next Year

Dear Parents,
If your child is currently enrolled in Small Middle School’s 6th grade Advanced Math class. For these students, next year’s math class will be determined based on the 6th grade Math STAAR scores. Students will either take 7th grade Advanced Math or Algebra based on those scores.

The criteria for the Algebra class will be determined after STAAR scores are released to the district. This is expected to happen in mid to late June. At that time, if your child meets the criteria for the Algebra class you will be contacted and given the option to place your child in the Algebra class.

To help students prepare for the Algebra class we will be offering a four-day bridge camp from 8am to 12pm Monday through Thursday. Camp will be offered from July 8th to July 11th and August 5th to August 8th. Students would only need to attend one week. Cost of the camp will be $100 to cover the cost of snacks and teachers.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jenna Garcia
Math Department Chair

Online registration for the 2019-20 school year is open! Every year parents need to register their student(s) for the following school year. Please visit your PARENT CLOUD, click the “registration” tile to complete registration for the 2019-20 school year.

  • Please check to make sure your contact information is up to date (any address changes will need to be made at the school)
  • Please make sure your emergency contact information is up to date

If you are having trouble accessing your Parent Cloud please contact Diane Ewing 512-841-6710 OR contact Parent Technology Support at 512-414-9187


Cougar Transition Camp

Registration is currently being accepted for incoming 5th graders to Join us at our Cougar Camp. This camp is designed to help our future Cougars get comfortable with Small Middle School. 

If your child would like to Join, Click here for more details and Registration

Attention 8th graders going to McCallum next year

Bowie Freshman Soccer Camp

Monday – Thursday
June 3 – June 6

Incoming 7 th /8th grade Boys
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. $100.00

Incoming 9 th grade Boys
7:30 – 9:30 p.m. $100.00

To introduce campers to the Bowie Soccer Program and develop individual skills and fundamentals of soccer.

Due to construction at Bowie, Soccer Camp will be held at Austin Sports Academy

Located at 275 Lotus Circle, Austin, TX 78737

Click here for more details and sign up

Bowie Freshman Football Camp

Due to construction at Bowie, the camp will be held at the Tony Burger Stadium/Annex


Please drop off at the Tony Burger Annex on Jones Road


July 24-26

10:30am- 12:30pm

$100.00 Per Camper


All campers must bring or send a copy of a current physical exam to Coach Ables in order to participate.

Click here for more details and to Sign up

Austin High School

Summer Weight & Speed Camp

For All Sports

Session 1:  June 10-June 27 Session 2:  July 8-25x


When:                Monday–Thursday  7-9am (HS Athletes), 9-11am (MS Athletes/Incoming Freshman)

Cost:                     $60 per 3 week session (non-refundable). Checks payable to Austin High School Football.

Location:           Austin High School Weight Room and practice fields.

Click here for all the details and to sign up


Austin High Summer Basketball Camp

Registration link: 

Two ways to pay:
  • search for “Austin High Summer Basketball Camp”, OR
  • Check payable to Austin High School & mail to:  Austin High School, 1715 W Cesar Chavez; Austin, Texas 78703 :: C/0 Brad Ingram
The Austin High Basketball Camp will focus on teaching the fundamentals of basketball and will provide campers the opportunity to improve and have fun with the game.  Each camper will receive individual as well as group instruction from professional coaches. Coach Brad Ingram, head basketball coach at Austin High, will be the Camp Director. All equipment will be provided.  A concession stand will be available for snacks during breaks

Welcome to Austin Sunshine Camps!

Since 1928, ASC has been providing life changing camp experiences at no cost to low-income youth and their families. We believe the
campers we serve are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Through healthy relationships and a sense of
belonging in our safe and caring learning environment, campers achieve success they never thought possible.

Click here for the details and Application

STEM Summer Camp for Girls – Tuition Free 

Click here for more details


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