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What's happening at Small Middle School

Week of 9/2/19 – 9/6/19

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, September 2nd – Holiday
  • Tuesday, September 3rd – Back to School Night
  • Friday, September 6th – Volunteer Meeting 8:30


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Got questions for the new year? 
Check out our Back to School Guide!

Proud Residents of Smallville-

I will keep this short and sweet as you will no doubt have your fill of me after the voice mail we sent and Back to School Night.

Back to School Night is here and we are ready to entertain you! Our teachers are chomping at the bit to share what it is they do, how they do it, and why. These guys love teaching your student and will share with you ways you can help support what they’re doing at home. Studies and common sense tell us that when the school and home are on the same page, students are much more successful than when not. Our amazing staff is going to let you pay attention to the man behind the curtain so you can ably assist the wizardry when your Dorothy is back in Kansas.

Like last year, we will meet in your student’s PRIDE (advisory) class where you can pick up a copy of their schedule if for some reason the one we gave them didn’t make it home. There, you’ll meet their PRIDE teacher and then watch a short, albeit important video from our awesome support staff. After watching the video and drying your eyes, you will then make your way to your student’s first period class. Then, follow the rest of their schedule in ascending order. We’re giving y’all 5 minutes for passing period instead of 4, but do try to make it as quickly as possible.

When in class, please make a point where the teacher places the daily agenda, where your student is to turn work in, and how your student is to get copies of work s/he may have lost. This way, you can give them gentle reminders at home as to where to look to copy down homework and the like. Also, when in classes, please make sure to ask questions of a general nature. Reason being is we want to give your question or situation the proper respect it deserves and would hate to forget it due to the hub-bub associated with this evening. For personal questions or information you’d like to share with your teacher, we suggest an email or contacting them to set up an appointment.

Shells! That’s right, Shells! This year teachers will have Shells taped to their door with much needed items for their class you can purchase. How do you do it? Simple, upon entering or exiting the classroom simply grab a Shell from the door and purchase said item. Then, either drop it off in the office, or have your student take it to class. Why Shells you ask? Simple. There was a typo on the form we sent to the print shop for “Stars.” In lieu of having them redo it, we are a green school afterall, we simply made do.

That’s it from me. Not exactly short, but hopefully somewhat sweet. I look forward to seeing as many as you as possible next week. Don’t forget we’ll have a shuttle bus leaving from Austin Oaks Church starting at 5:30. Enjoy your 3 day weekend with your student and do try to console them on Monday when they no doubt lament about not being able to come to school.

Matthew Nelson
Clint Small Middle School
(512) 841-6705
Follow me on Twitter: @smallprincipal

Enrichment Fees

Please click on the link below to see your grade level enrichment fee for this year. 

  • 6th Grade – Pay online, or  a check in a sealed envelope given to Mrs. Gonzales
  • 7th Grade – Pay online, or a check in a sealed envelope given to your child’s Science Teacher
  • 8th Grade – Pay online, or a check in a sealed envelope given to your child’s Social Studies Teacher
To pay online go to If you plan on writing a check, please make check out to Small Middle School and  include your students name and ID number on the check and on the outside of the envelope. 


Back to School Night

Tuesday, September 3rd, at 6:00

Put on your walking shoes and join us for our annual back to school night. This is the night you get to meet all your childs teachers and learn about what classes they are taking. 

Leave your students at home (hopefully cooking dinner, or doing the dishes) and come on down.

Be sure to…

  • Park up the street at Austin Oaks Church
  • Bring a copy of your students schedule or make sure you can access it on the parent cloud. See the Teams Mobile App instructions below.

You will be walking in their foot steps going from class to class. Bus Shuttle to and from Austin Oaks Church starts at 5:15pm 

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Small School Big World wants you to join us in Germany and Switzerland!

Want to travel to Europe to see a state-of-the-art Green Tech auto factory?
Care to enjoy touring a Zero Waste city?
Love to see beautiful architecture and stunning natural vistas?
Stay in the middle of the action and enjoy excellent accommodations and cuisine?
Join us, Spring Break 2020!
Information meeting Monday, Sept 23rd 6:30pm in the Library!
Have questions?  email or 

Calling all Volunteers!

There is so much happening here at Small Middle School and the more help we have, the more we can do.
If you are interested in learning about ways you can volunteer at Small, please plan on join us Friday, September 6th at 8:30 am
If you have volunteered in the past and just want to sign up, Click here for the September Volunteer sign-up. 
If you have any questions, please contact

Teams Mobile App


This is the official mobile app for the TEAMS educational system.
Parents and students that belong to a district supported by TEAMS are able to access their grades, attendance, and other critical educational information. Login can be saved for easy access, and parents can quickly switch between their students.

  • Parents can view multiple children’s attendance, report cards, and progress reports from one page
  • Students can view their own attendance, report cards, and progress reports


Google Play Store App


Why Clint Small Middle School?

Last year during a faculty meeting Mr. Sammon (our Assistant Principal) asked all of our teachers and staff to tell us about their why.  
He asked:

  • Why do you teach at Small?
  • Why do you teach our kids? 

Here is the culmination of their words.  We want to share this with our community so you too will know our why and feel confident that we are here to support your kids. 

Volleyball Schedule A/B Teams

Volleyball Schedule for C Team

Football Schedule


Join the PTA and show your support for Small Middle School!

Cash Online

Hello World

Hello World will be offered at our school for the first time this Fall 2019 as an after-school program! Hello World ( is a computer science / coding program comprised of engineers from companies including Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. All courses are taught by professional software engineers, AI architects, and data scientists and are modeled after college computer science courses, particularly those at Rice University, a partnering institution.

To learn more, join Hello World for their Open House + Family Orientation on Wednesday, August 28th @ 4:00pm OR 5:00pm (choose one option) at the Small Middle School Library. 

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