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Week of 9/2/19 – 9/6/19

Upcoming Events


* Football Vs. Paredes (A) Burger Center

Counselor Talk – Social Media 8:30 am
* Football vs. Paredes (B) – Cancelled

* Vollebally vs. Gorzycki (C)

* Volleyball vs Bailey (A/B)

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Got questions for the new year? 
Check out our Back to School Guide!

Cougar Nation!

Thank you so much for participating in Back to School Night with us on Tuesday eve. It’s always great when you get to sit in your kids’ seat, walk their halls, listen to their teachers, and walk about aimlessly trying to find the Dance Portable. We love sharing our joy with you and know that the more events we have like this, the better off our kids will be. All that being said, we are an organization that thrives on continuous improvement, so if you can think of anything to add, or subtract, to make the night even better, please send your ideas my way. However, before you do, know that we can’t add more parking spaces and that the lame jokes over the announcements are non-negotiable.

For those of you who weren’t there, please follow the link below to show the video we presented during PRIDE. It showcases several of our MVPs who weren’t able to spend BTSN with you, but are still an integral part of the machine that is Smallville. See the BTSN video here.

CAT (Cougar Adventure Time) Days: Well, the Little Engine that could, thanks to our participation in the AISD Transformation Zone, is here and we are amped to share all that we are doing with the Smallville community. I emailed a list of all the awesome courses your kiddos can take on Thursday, but click here as well in case you have my messages set to go straight to the trash.

Then, after discussing how amazing everything looks and how you wish you were still in middle school, you can help them navigate the process by the following instructions:

There. It’s that easy. Now, with your guidance and sage advice, your lucky student can select between Chess Club or Dungeons and Dragons, or even try playing Pickleball with a side of TED talks to follow. Whatever they choose, we want them to explore and either find their new passion or get a chance to share their passion with others.

Thanks again for a great Back to School Night, it was fun. We really should do it more often. How’s next September 3rd look for y’all?

Matthew Nelson
Clint Small Middle School
(512) 841-6705
Follow me on Twitter: @smallprincipal

Counselor Talk - Social Media

Please join our Counselors and Dr. Mike Brooks this Tuesday Morning for a discussion about tech balance and your teenagers!


R A I S I N G   B A L A N C E D  K I D S  I N   A H Y P E R – C O N N E C T E D  W O R L D

Dr. Mike Brooks, Ph.D., LSSP

About the Presentation
Our lives are becoming increasingly enmeshed with technology. While there are certainly many benefits of technology, its seductive lure has our children (and us!) disconnecting from what is most important in life – the people and world around us. To be both successful and happy in life, it is imperative that we learn to help our children navigate these often treacherous waters. During this presentation, we will learn why technologies, including texts and social media, hold such a grip on us. We’ll take a close look at its effects on our brains and discuss strategies to help you and your family use technology in a more balanced way. The stakes are high and these challenges are not going to get any easier with the passage of time! Learning these strategies now will enable you to help your children be more successful in school and stay connected in deeper, more meaningful relationships. Dr. Brooks’ book, Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World was published by Oxford University Press in August 2018.

 About Dr. Mike Brooks

Dr. Brooks is a licensed psychologist and specialist in school psychology. He is the founder and director of the Austin Psychology & Assessment Center (APACenter). He has a wealth of expertise in positive psychology, the needs of children and teens, effective parenting practices, and technology and gaming addiction. He is a frequent presenter on these topics, has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, and is a blogger for Psychology Today under Tech Happy Life. He and his wife live in Austin with their three boys, and they know first-hand about the many challenges of raising kids in a hyper-connected world!                                   


OCTOBER 25th 2019!
Hello Clint Small parents and guardians! 
Now that “back-to-school” has come and gone, the next order of business for Theatre & Visual Arts is to start launching effort to make the 
2019 Smalloween haunted house and dance a success of Cougar proportions. 
Mrs. Murray < >or Mr. Tabares < > if you have any questions about these roles. 
Currently, we are working for light fixtures, blacklight light bulbs and doll heads by the hundred (yes, seriously).
Thank you for your support and Go Cougars!
Below is a Sign-Up Genius link for various roles we would like to have filled by parents and guardians. Please feel free to email
Please stay tuned here for further announcements or calls for various needs.

Good Afternoon!!
Please see link below regarding the required annual AHERA Asbestos Management notification
Have a great evening!
Notification Letter

Enrichment Fees

Please click on the link below to see your grade level enrichment fee for this year. 

  • 6th Grade – Pay online, or  a check in a sealed envelope given to Mrs. Gonzales
  • 7th Grade – Pay online, or a check in a sealed envelope given to your child’s Science Teacher
  • 8th Grade – Pay online, or a check in a sealed envelope given to your child’s Social Studies Teacher
To pay online go to If you plan on writing a check, please make check out to Small Middle School and  include your students name and ID number on the check and on the outside of the envelope. 

AB Calendar

Please pay close attention to our A/B Calendar 

  • Some dates on our calendar that the students will have off that are not on the district calendar.
  • There are 2 A days in May in a row that was done on purpose 
  • You can always go to our Calendar of events for more details. 
If you have any questions on this year’s Calendar please contact

Germany and Switzerland

Travel to Germany and Switzerland to learn how they are leaders in Sustainable Living. 

This trip is planned for June 2020

To learn more about this international STEM trip opportunity, click the link here!

Recycling. Clean energy. Cars of the future. Germany and Switzerland
have been at the forefront of some of the world’s most forward-thinking
approaches to technology and energy. And it’s easy to see why—these
countries are a perfect blend of European charm and start-up culture.
Learn about Germany and Switzerland’s innovative sustainability efforts
by seeing state-of-the-art models of renewable energy, urban farming,
and eco-tourism. Be a part of the creative conversation firsthand as you
embark on an urban quest in the green city of Freiburg, hike through an
Alpine glacier, and discover a vast underground city in a nuclear bunker
in Lucerne.

For more information, Contact Sarah Dietz at
parent meeting regarding this trip. 

Small School Big World wants you to join us in Germany and Switzerland!

Want to travel to Europe to see a state-of-the-art Green Tech auto factory?
Care to enjoy touring a Zero Waste city?
Love to see beautiful architecture and stunning natural vistas?
Stay in the middle of the action and enjoy excellent accommodations and cuisine?
Join us, Spring Break 2020!
Information meeting Monday, Sept 23rd 6:30pm in the Library!
Have questions?  email or 

Calling all Volunteers!

Thanks for a great meeting! More volunteer information coming soon!
If you have volunteered in the past and just want to sign up, Click here for the September Volunteer sign-up. 
If you have any questions, please contact


The PTA would like your input in what kind of parent education you might be interested in this year.
Take the survey below to let us know!

Join the PTA and show your support for Small Middle School!

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