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Week of 10/28/19 – 11/1/19

Upcoming Events


  • Bookfair in Library
  • Football vs Bedichek 7th Grade


  • Bookfair in Library
  • Football vs Kealing 8th Grade


  • Bookfair in Library
  • Happy Halloween!  
  • Girls Basketball vs Bernet


  • Bookfair in Library

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Cougar Nation-

As you know, once a year we combine elements of Fun with the ability to Run for our annual fundraiser, the Fun Run, and this year promises to be the biggest, and best one yet! This is all good news, because not only will this be the best event, it will also be the most important one as we need the funds we raise now more than ever. In order to keep our class sizes low, and to be able to offer just as many elective choices for our students as core classes, we will need to use the money we raise to help pay for staff. We’ve already been using the money from past Fun Runs to pay for elective classes and inclusion support, but this year we are putting it out there front and center in an effort to raise as much money as possible.

How can you help today when the event is so far away (it’s scheduled for the 22nd of November)? Well, besides talking it up to your colleagues, cousins, cohorts, and comrades, you can ably assist us by donating goods and/or services for the student raffles. The way the raffle works is by giving students tickets based on money raised. For every 25 dollars in pledges earned, the student receives 2 tickets. In fact, just for logging into the site and creating a profile, we’ll give the student a ticket. Once said student reaches 100 dollars in pledges, h/she will have earned 9 tickets. Then, if a student reaches $200, we’ll triple the amount!

What sort of things will we be raffling off? Great question. In the past we’ve had AirPods, Snack Baskets, Amazon Cards, basically anything and everything a middle school kid thinks is cool. The more awesome the prizes are, the more likely kids will want to raise money to earn a chance to win the prize. The more money we raise, the better our chances will be next year at keeping our current staff in tact while still being able to offer a diverse catalog of electives. If you have any ideas as to what you would like to donate or sponsor, send us an email and we’ll let you know if it works.

If you follow the link:, we have created an amazon wish list that you can see some of the items we think the kids might like to win. We would be thrilled if you would purchase something and send it to the school for the raffle. You can also underwrite or sponsor activities and services that we use to make this the most enjoyable event of the year. Learn about becoming a Sponsor here. 

Have a great weekend and please send us an email if you have any questions. I’ll be out of pocket for a bit, as I am going to a chapel, but the team here will be more than able to answer anything you throw their way.

Matthew Nelson
Clint Small Middle School
(512) 841-6705
Follow me on Twitter: @smallprincipal-

Zombie Fun Run!

Check out last year’s run!

How you can help

Raffle Items: The more money each student raises, the more raffle tickets they receive. We are looking for great items that the kids might want to win. We have put together a wishlist in amazon, if you are willing to purchase something and send it to the school, that would be fantastic. Or buy an amazon gift card and we will put them together to purchase the big ticket items. If you have something to donate, we would love that too!

Sponsorship: By becoming a sponsor, you can help us underwrite the cost of this event which in turn brings up our profits. Would you like to see your banner on our fence? We have different sponsorship levels and would love for your business to become a partner with Small Middle School. Click here to learn about becoming a Fun Run Sponsor

Coupons/Prizes: When you ask a student in middle school what would incentivize them to participate in a fundraiser, they will say food 100% of the time. As you can imagine, we would need a fundraiser just to feed all 1221 of them, but what we can do is offer coupons! Are you connected with a local restaurant that might be willing to give us some coupons for discounted food? For example buy one get one free?
If so, contact

Big THANK YOU to Double Dave’s in Arbor Trails for their donation of free Pizza coupons for our prize packages.  

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Visit our Scholastic Book Fair Oct 28th – Nov 1st 

in the library from 7:45 am-4:00 pm!
Shop online Oct 21st – Nov 8th.

Small Library Book Fair Site
Click HERE to volunteer!

Scholastic has a great new service for book fairs called eWallet. It give students a secure, cash-free way to shop the fair. There is no charge to set up an eWallet. Parents simply create an account and authorize a specific spending amount on their credit card. Click on our site link to learn  more and set up your student’s eWallet!

Avid Looking for Tutors

We are currently looking for Parent Volunteers to support as AVID Tutors on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:45-10:45. 
If you are interested in more information please contact our
Avid teacher Ms. Garcia. 

Band and General Spirit Ware

The below link is a new online store sponsored by the Band Department.  There are general Clint Small MS Spirit items as well as band specific items.   General items are a black long sleeve t shirt hoodie, purple sweatshirt hoodie with optional name  printing on the back, beanie, baseball cap, and a baseball jersey.  Instead of having a name printed on the hoodie you could also have it read Football, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Choir, Orchestra Art, etc.
These items are available to purchase online only and the sale will end in a little over 2 weeks.  All items are shipped directly to the purchaser with a low one cost shipping fee no matter how many items you order.  You should receive your items before the Winter holiday.

8th Grade West Texas Field Trip

5 Days and 4 Nights Camping in Beautiful Davis Mountain State Park

  • Caverns of Sonora
  • McDonald Observatory
  • Big Bend National Park
  • The Chianti Foundation
  • Enchanted Rock
  • Marfa, TX

April 13-17 2020

This is an educational and optional field trip for interested 8th grade students.

We have space for 28 students.

To apply for this trip, students will need to write an essay and pick up a packet from Mr. Poehl.  (all necessary information is in the packet)

All essays must be turned in by November 1st

The cost for the trip is $400.  Scholarships available for those who qualify

Click here for more information

Email Mr. Poehl with questions 

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Notebooks Needed

In an effort to help our students be more actively engaged and organized in PRIDE classes, we need your help.  We need spiral notebooks or comp books (70-100) pages that typically cost under $1.00 that students can use to write about Social Emotional Learning lessons and to do grade checks each week.  These will be kept in the PRIDE teacher classrooms and will be easily accessible each day when they get to PRIDE.  As students view lessons focused on SEL they can now write down information that will help them process and retain these valuable lessons.  In addition, they will have one place to keep track of grades as they plan each week on how to improve their grades as they discuss these with the PRIDE teacher.  Thank you all for your help and any donations would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank You,
David Sammon
Small Middle School Assistant Principal

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Parent GT Nominations are Open!

Does your kiddo grasp concepts quickly and are they able to connect ideas across subjects and experience?  Do they have an active working memory and like to delve deeply into their learning?  You might have a GT kiddo on your hands!  If you think your kiddo might qualify for the GT Program, (and has not already been identified) click on the following link and complete the survey.  The survey takes about 15-20 minutes and you will need your student’s schedule (or your kiddo) to complete the first several questions. 
Once you submit the form, we here at Smallville will take care of the rest!
The Parent Nomination Window closes at midnight, November 15.
If you have any questions, please contact your campus GT Advocate at

Advanced Theater

The Advanced Theater Class beginning after school rehearsals this month. Please refer to the schedule below. Email Mrs. Murray with any questions:


  • Both casts: Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, 22nd 3:45pm-5:00 pm
  • After school dress rehearsals for Shake Cast: 28th, 30th 3:45-5:30 pm
  • After school dress rehearsals for Speare Cast: 29th, 31st 3:45-5:30 pm

Next Counselor Talk - Vaping

Save the date!

The next counseling talk will be
November 12th at 8:30 am

Guest speaker will be here to discussing
teen vaping.


We need to let the presenter know how many people are coming so
please click here to RSVP. 

We hope to see you there!

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LASA Application

Is your 8th grader applying to LASA?  To assist with completing the essays and thinking about teacher recommendations, mentoring help is available to all students (and parents) in Room 204 from 3:45-5:00 pm on Thursday, Nov 7, Thursday Nov21, and Thursday, Dec 5 courtesy of your Campus GT Advocate  

Please contact her if you have any questions regarding applying to LASA.  Mrs. Manners is a current LASA parent and parent of a 2018 graduate of LASA.

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