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Week of 1/20/20 – 1/24/20

Cougar Nation-

This 3 day weekend be sure to spend some time with you and your’s remembering why we have a National holiday dedicated to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. His belief in peaceful protest, and want for equality, united a nation and helped change the course for our country. The precipice of the Civil Rights movement was less than a generation ago and we are still a long way from truly envisioning Rev. King’s dream, however it’s days like the one afforded to us on Monday that allow us to look back at our accomplishments, while also think forward as to how we can continue to improve. If we as a society are to ever truly unite as one and work together to solve our common problems, it will be due to today’s youth and the positive encouragement and modeling we provide them. The children of today will shape the future of tomorrow. We owe it to them to make sure they are aware of how far we have come and how far we can go…with their leadership.

Enjoy your time with your student over this 3-day weekend.


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High School Transition Dates

8th Grade Parents, here is a list of key dates you may want to know about for High School transition. 

New Cell Phone Policy

2020 - 2021 School Year Course Selection events - Save the date

Attention 8th Grade Parents

Dear 8th grade parent/guardian, 

Small Middle School is committed to help your 8th grader have a great transition into high school. This year, we are offering meetings with our counselor, Mr. Coleman, to help simplify the transition process. In these meetings you will learn about high school transition, HB5, high school graduation requirements and endorsements.  Use the link below to sign up for a one-on-one 20 minute meeting. 

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Martin Coleman
Small Wellness Counselor

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Join the PTA and show your support for Small Middle School!

Austin High at Small

This Tuesday!

January 21st from 6 to 7 pm
Small Cafeteria

Austin High will be here to discuss transitions from Small to Austin high school

ATTENTION 8th Graders heading to Bowie

Parents of 8th graders heading to Bowie, Please take a look at this months newsletter from Mr. Robinson. It gives lots of information about the transition events planned for incoming freshmen to Bowie High School.

Read Mr. Robinson’s Newsletter here


We will soon start the course selection process for next school year, 2020-2021. Before Thanksgiving break, we began introducing important information that will help prepare students for this upcoming process.

Here are some of the topics and links to watch them:

  • What is the Difference Between Levels (Academic, Pre-AP, AP, ACC Dual-Credit, UT OnRamps)? Click here

  • How Many AP classes Should I Take & What About Summer Work? Click here

  • New Schedule & Level Change Procedures Click here

  • Who are These People and How Can They Help Me (School Counselor, College & Career Counselor, Registrar)? Click here

In January, teachers will show videos detailing courses and pathways. These videos will provide descriptions of courses, identify prerequisites, show how students will spend their time, outline homework expectations, and skills/interests/habits needed for success.

Crockett High School Transition events

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