Attendance Specialist 

Devon George
(512) 841-6702


Austin Independent School District uses a school messenger attendance calling system. Absences will be reported to parents through an automated phone calls and emails each night. To ensure that you receive this communication, please make sure your contact information and preferences are updated in the AISD Parent Cloud.

If your student is absent (excused or unexcused), you may receive a call or email from the district stating that the student was absent. Please do not be alarmed.

Parents can track absence reporting through the AISD Parent Cloud. Students must meet the state mandated 90% rule to earn credit for all middle school courses. Log in there to view the specific dates, number of absences, and whether they are marked excused or unexcused. After submitting an attendance note to excuse an absence, there may be a lag time ranging from a few days to a few weeks before the AISD system reflects this information.

If you feel an absence is an error, please contact Devon George, CSMS Attendance Clerk, at (512)841-6702 or by email

When a CSMS student is tardy, absent or has to leave during the school day, parents and students are asked to follow the procedures below.


If a student misses part or all of the school day due to illness, a doctor’s appointment,
or other excused reason, please email our Attendance Specialist within 2 business days of the absence.

Send Email To:

Please Include:
Student’s Name
ID number
Grade Level
Dates Missed
Reason for Absence

Notes may be delivered by hand or emailed (preferred method).

Please take a picture of any doctors notes and email them to our attendance specialist as well.

Once received, we will have 6 school days to change the Unexcused absence to one of the excused codes. 

Please see code list below.




When a student arrives late at school, the student must check-in through the main office and be issued a “permit to enter.” If the student is arriving late due to a doctor’s appointment or other excused reason, please bring a note explaining the reason for the absence so it can be updated from unexcused to excused in our system. If the lateness is for an unexcused reason, the student will be marked as tardy.



If you need to pick up your child during the school day for a doctor’s appointment, illness, or other personal reasons, a parent or legal guardian may come directly to the front office to sign the student out. Please bring a valid form of ID. Students will not be allowed to walk out alone, even if they have a permit to leave.

If you know your plans ahead of time… 
Send a note with the student in the morning specifying the time and reason for leaving. The student may bring the note to the office before school starts and exchange that note for a permit to leave campus. Then your child will be able to leave class at the time specified. This speeds the process up and you will not have to wait as long in the office.

Early Pick-Up Request: 
If something comes up you can fill out our online form to let us know you are coming. We are monitoring it and will hopefully have your student ready when you get here. 

Click Here for Early Pick-Up Request 

If you do not know in advance…
Please allow extra time for us to find your student and retrieve them from class. When you arrive, we will send an office aide to deliver a pass to the student in their classroom, then the student will be allowed to walk to the office. Calling the office before you arrive may reduce the wait time somewhat.


When a student attends a scheduled field trip with one class, the other teachers often are unaware of the reason for a student’s absence. The absence may first appear in the system as unexcused, but the Attendance Specialist will update them to excused, after receiving the complete list of students that actually attended the field trip.

It may be a few days before you see the correction. Once excused, these absences will show up as code FLD on the AISD Parent Cloud.


Whether an absence is excused or unexcused, students are responsible for following up with each teacher to make sure all missed academic obligations are met. Check with each teacher about their specific make-up work policies and procedures, and notify the teacher about planned absences ahead of time when you can. Submitting missed assignments will also help maintain eligibility for extracurricular activities.