The first period bell rings at 8:15 am to signal the beginning of class. Students should be in their seats at that time.

Students are allowed in the building beginning at 7:10 a.m. daily. Students eating breakfast on campus should go directly to the cafeteria first, then to their designated grade-level waiting area. All 6th and 7th grade students arriving before 8:10 should wait in the gym; 8th graders should wait in the cafeteria. 

Students may enter the hallways at the sound of the bell at 8:10 a.m. 

CSMS follows a rolling A/B schedule with 8 periods total. Each day students have 4 full-length classes (90 minutes) and a 30-minute PRIDE advisory class. There is a 5-minute passing period in between classes. A and B days alternate, which means the student attend each of their classes every other day (when Friday is an A Day, Monday will be a B day).

A Days = 1st Period, 3rd Period, 5th Period, PRIDE, 7th Period

B Days = 2nd Period, 4th Period, 6th Period, PRIDE, 8th Period

There are occasional exceptions (first and last days of school, bad weather days, testing days) where we will follow a C day or other alternate schedule. On C days, students start the day in PRIDE class and attend every class sequentially, from 1st – 8th period.

Don’t worry, students will know what to do on these alternate C schedule days! (Even if you don’t know.) Alternate schedules are typically announced at least a day ahead, whenever possible, and even when a student is unaware of the schedule change, there will be signs and announcements to inform them when they arrive at school. 


Lunch is 30 minutes. If the kids are behaving well and cleaning up after themselves, we allow them to go outside or play foosball, air hockey, or ping pong after they eat. We have 3 lunch periods: A (most 6th graders), B (most 7th graders) and C lunch (most 8th graders). However, if your student’s 5th/6th period class has a mix of 7th and 8th graders, they might have a different lunch period on A vs. B days. The 5th/6th period teacher will make sure students know which lunch they are assigned to when the semester begins.


To find your bus schedule, visit the AISD transportation page, use the AISD Bus Stop Finder, or call the AISD Transportation Department at 512-414-6500. 

A late bus is available for students staying after school for tutoring, Cougar Club, athletics, official school clubs, or a school function. We will post the last bus schedule here once it becomes available.