Student Handbook

All students district wide are expected to adhere to the Austin Independent School District official Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

The 2018-2019 Student Handbook will be posted here soon


In order to maintain a safe, respectful and positive learning environment and to model good citizenship, AISD’s has implemented a district wide Student Dress Code. All clothing should be appropriate to the student’s age, the school setting and weather conditions. Both students and parents share the responsibility for the students’ attire because clothing often sets the pattern for behavior. Students are required to use good judgment, to respect themselves and others, and to demonstrate modesty in selecting attire. Accessories that are distracting to educational process will be confiscated.

Clothing may not advertise, condone, depict or promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, guns, knives, inappropriate dress or drugs. Also prohibited is clothing with vulgar or obscene language, or images or writings that promote disruption of the educational setting. The following clothing may not be worn on campus:

* Backless Tops
* Baggy or Saggy Pants or Oversized Clothing
* Bare Midriffs
* Gang-Associated Clothing or Colors
* Halter Tops
* Low Cut Necklines
* Pajamas, robes or blankets
* See-through Clothing
* Shorts and/or Skirts that distract (hem cannot be above the thumbtips with arms extended to the side).
* Spaghetti Straps
* Strapless Tops
* Tank Tops
* Visible Undergarments
* Slippers
* Hats, Caps, Hoods covering heads
* Gloves
* Bandannas