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Kick off 11/1/18 – Run Date 11/16/18

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Letter From Principal Nelson

Cougar Nation-

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

No this isn’t Michael Corleone speaking on the Family Business, but rather your proud Principal, and new father, Matthew Nelson speaking about this year’s Fun Run.

This year’s Fun Run is going to be EPIC! We have crafted this year’s Zombie Fun Run to appeal to our most historically disengaged students, our 8th graders, by allowing them to not only vote on the theme (Zombies rule the roost yet again) but by also throwing in some amazing obstacles borrowed directly from the Spartan Race. Yes, the very same Spartan Race we Peter Pan-like adults pay upwards of 50 dollars to humiliate ourselves….err test our limits on. If you haven’t witnessed the Zombie Fun Run in action yet, make sure to catch this one on November 16th. We’ll have 3 flights: one for 7th grade (8:30), 6th grade (10:00), and the culminating race for 8th (2:10) at the end of the day. We love this unique fundraising event as it not only raises money for our campus, but also creates community, fosters teamwork, and encourages students to make healthy choices. This one-of-a-kind occasion certainly puts the “fun” in fundraiser.

Now to the “funds” in fundraiser. We read all the time about how budgets are being trimmed down and that schools have to find ways to be creative with what money is allotted to them, so we love the ability to raise money for our school that stays here and gets utilized how our Cougar Community sees fit. Not only do we control how much we raise (limitless!) but once we receive the funds we are allowed to purchase much needed items for campus. Here are just a few things we will be using the money for this year:

  • Updated (quieter) hand dryers in our restrooms.
  • More outdoor seating for kids during lunch time.
  • Curriculum to support Social Studies and ELA.
  • Online Math curriculum support.
  • Updates to school restrooms (hooks and shelves for backpacks.
  • More shared experiences for students (field trips and assemblies).
  • General supplies for students and teachers.
  • Building maintenance and improvements.
  • And much, much more!

Please take the time to register your student online as quickly as possible and get the word out to our social network and friends about this fundraiser. We are raising money for our school through a healthy, unified event which celebrates teamwork and community. It’s only going to be as successful as we want it to be and we need support from all stakeholders to make it so.

Help us control our destiny in regards to how we spend our money and help ensure our kids continue to receive the flat-out best middle school experience in all of Texas.

All the info is on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or ask your student. Thank you for your continued support and for making Smallville your school of choice.

Matthew Nelson
Small Middle School
(512) 841-6505



We will hold 3 runs – One Zombie run per each grade level

  • 7th Grade will run at 8:30
  • 6th Grade will run at 10:00
  • 8th Grade will run at 2:10




School Goal is $30,000 that is less than $40 per student!



Every Student will be participating in this race. Each Runner will have 3 health points taped to their clothing. The goal of the runner is to make it through the Zombies for 30 minutes without losing health. Keep an eye out for Safe Zones and obstacle challenges where “doctors” can restore your health!



The top 5% earners of this fundraiser per grade will get to be the Zombies. The Zombies job is to chase the runners and try to steal their health flags. If the Zombie pulls a streamer, the runner loses a health point. The runner can try to make it to one of our Safe Zones or obstacles challenges where doctors will be on hand to add more health. Our doctors will be our amazing PE Staff and parent volunteers who will have students perform exercises or challenges to regain health points.



Students will be able to create a pledge web page attached to their Pride Class Team. Each Team’s Goal is to earn $50 pledges per student in that class. There are prizes for Individual goals as well as pride class prizes, build your own team prizes and even whole school wide prizes if we hit our goal! See how to set up your students Pledge Webpage below.


We always go BIG here at SMALL and this event is no exception. We are going to have some BIG FUN to raise some BIG FUNDS!!!


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To Register – Registration opens on November 1, 2018

  1. Go to
  2. Create an Account 
  3. Click the +Add Student Button
  4. Find Small Middle School in the Drop Down
  5. Find the PRIDE Class Team Name
  6. Enter Student’s Grade, Name and Goal (we are asking a minimum of $50 per student)
  7. Add a picture of your choosing
  8. Create a message to your friends and family to encourage them to pledge your student in this run.
  9. Save your Student profile
  10. Check your email to access your students Dashboard
  11. Once your Student Account has been made
    1. Go to – or check the link in your email
    2. Log in to your parent account
    3. Click the View Webpage/Donate Here Button
    4. Share on Social Media and email


All Pledges can be done online through the student website. Once you make a page for your student, email, tweet, DM, and IM the page on Social Media for friends and Family to contribute.

Students may also accept Cash and Check pledges. Please have checks made out to Small Middle School. Place them in an envelope with Student and Pride Teacher’s name on it and drop it off in the main office before November 17th.




The money we earn will go directly into 4 different categories:

  • 20% Technology
  • 30% Student Enrichment
  • 30% Campus Improvements
  • 20% Activities

Volunteers are need for the day and the days leading up to it.

Click here to signup to volunteer

New this year! Mylo's Obstacles

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor by Clicking the button below

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level


We are currently looking for sponsors and raffle Prizes – If you are willing to help, we have created an Amazon Wishlist – Please purchase anything on there and send it to the school. 

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Thank you to our Sponsors

Incentives and Raffle Prizes


Campus Goals

$30,000 school wide goal:

  • Free Valentines Dance


$10,000 school wide goal (for each 10k raised, the campus is granted a technology day)

  • Technology Day during Lunch and Outside day per grade level


6th Grade $15,000

7th Grade $13,000

8th Grade $12,000


Grade Level reaches their goal (# of PRIDEs x PRIDE Goal = total)

  • 4 extra outside days during December and January
  • Popsicle or Hot Cocoa Social during PRIDE 


Pride Class Goals – Every student in Pride Class Signs up

  • The class gets extra outside day

If PRIDE Class reaches their pledge goal: (# of Students * $40)

  • PRIDE Pizza Party
  • Technology Day in PRIDE (teacher’s discretion)


Signing Up:

  • Jason’s Deli Coupon, Sense-able kneed-able eraser, Cougar Nation Wristband

$25 in pledges

  • Limited edition Cougars Sparkly or heat color pencil

  • Raffle ticket (1 raffle ticket per every $25 raised)

$50 in pledges

  • 2 raffle tickets (1 Bonus ticket)

  • Retractable Earbuds

  • Free food coupon (McDonalds, Chick-fil-a)

$100 in Pledges

Zombie Power Pack: CSMS Drawstring backpack filled with pencils, CSMS Sunglasses, 4 raffle tickets plus a bonus 5th!the Free Pass Package: 4 front of lunch line passes, 3 Elevator passes, 2 No Homework passes, 1 Lunch with Mr. Nelson and 4 of your friends pass AND 1 large Free 2 Topping Pizza coupon from Double Dave’s Pizza!


Note: 8th Graders will get the new clear backpack – Filled with all the same goodies mentioned above so they can have a subtle reminder of CSMS when going to sporting games in high school!



$200 in Pledges

  • 8 additional raffle tickets plus 2 bonus tickets!

The top pledge earner per grade level will receive the following: 

  • The any students who earn over $250 of pledges, the top pride class per grade level, as well as the top earning team per grade level, will get to be Zombies on the day of the run!

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Raffle Items you can win

Map of the Event