Campus Advisory Council (CAC)

Campus Advisory Council

What is the Campus Advisory Council (CAC)?
The Campus Advisory Council is a committee of parents, students, business and community representatives, teachers, principals, and other campus staff. The formation of CACs is required by state law (Texas Education Code, §11.251). Specific functions of CACs include providing review and comment on:

  • Campus Educational Program
  • Campus Performance
  • Campus Improvement Plan
  • Campus Staff Development Plan
  • Campus-Level Waiver Requests to the State
  • Campus Budget

What is the mission of the CAC?
The mission of the CAC is to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation. CACs provide valuable input to principals, who ultimately have decision-making responsibility for their campuses.

What if I’m interested in serving on the Small Campus Advisory Council?
Click here to complete a membership application. All applications will be considered by the CAC Membership Subcommittee and applicants will be notified of their status. AISD recognizes and supports the concept of balanced representation in regard to filling vacancies on district advisory bodies. To this end, every effort is made to appoint members who represent the diversity of our community.

Meeting Dates: 

Meetings will be held from 4-5 pm in the library on the following dates:


  • 9/17/19
  • 10/15/19
  • 11/19/19
  • 12/17/19
  • 1/21/19
  • 2/18/19
  • 3/24/19
  • 4/21/19
  • 5/19/19

Where can I learn more?
If you have any questions about the Small CAC, please contact Jennifer Newell at